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About Tresk

TRESK is an annual festival of music and music publishing that brings together regional and various European independent labels, distributors and artists. With a wide range of events – the traditional Tresk music market, contests for music-related visual design, workshops and concerts – it puts the spotlight on the lively alternative music scene and provides a networking platform for musicians, visual artists, labels, distributors, organizers, the media and, last but not least, listeners and fans.


Achive footage: Festival Tresk #9.

Festival Tresk, 2018


Project team: Andrej Pervanje, Mirna Berberovič, Dušan Bulajič, Ines Midžan, Žiga Pucelj

Supporting team: Ana Kandare, Polona Torkar, Bojan Stefanović, Robert MohoričJaša Bužinel, Nik Drozg

Head of the exhibition: Urška Preis

Workshops: Vinyl fabrika, Andrija Šulić - Šuljo

Promotion and marketing: Zala Simčič, Jelena Ličanin

Visual design: Zoran Pungerčar

Web support: Jurij Podgoršek